Simplestream™ Inc. (Simplestream™ Media Made Easy™!) offers affordable streaming, managed cloud hosting, a proprietary PaaS and SaaS Digital Media Management System (DMMS™) to stream video over a secure global content delivery network (CDN) and Internet + website hosting and security services solutions.

Simplestream was founded and launched services to the public in 2009. Review our timeline of milestones and events Timeline.

The company has corporate headquarters in New York, N.Y. United States of America. Simplestream™ primarily operates in North America (U.S.A. & Canada), South America and the Caribbean. Since 2013 is underdevelopment and will launch in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam in late 2019. The company reserves it’s rights to develop it’s services in many markets.


Strong relationships make it work. Simplestream™ brings all the resources together for you. Our partner companies are competent leaders in their respective industries.

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To make a real global contribution to how people receive information and enjoy entertainment over the Internet and mobile devices.

To give secure, fast, reliable, low-cost, managed cloud hosting solutions that enable clients to easily monetize and stream high-definition digital media to people around the globe over computers, smart phones and tablet devices.

MediaDesign Lite


    • Video Streaming: Streaming HD quality Video to computers, smart phones and tablet devices.
    • Live Event Streaming: On Demand or Pay-Per-View.
    • Pay-Per-View Streaming: Live or On Demand.
    • Advertiser Locator: Secure sponsors and advertisers.
    Managed Cloud Hosting: Media Storage & Media Management, Streaming Media Distribution.

The first SaaS release is MediaDesign™ a Digital Media Management System (DMMS™), a 4GEN, HTML 5, Adobe Flash 10+, proprietary content management system (CMS). MediaDesign streams digital media to PCs, smart phone mobile and tablet computers. We added MediaDesign to a powerful and secure Apache Web Traffic with Lighttpd servers “for speed critical environments”. Visit MediaDesign Features to learn why we are so spectacular.


  • Monetize Your Media: On-Demand video tube services offer no revenue share or an insulting fraction of a penny revenue share after so many views. Potentially monetize your media from the first view with MediaDesign powered by Simplestream.
  • Lower Costs: We offer flexible and affordable price structures. Pay-As-You-Go plan, 2 year Lock-in Pricing plan and a Switch Over from a competitor deal and get 3 months free (on 2 year Lock-in Pricing).
  • Better Performance: No buffering and simultaneous encoding enables high quality performance across more devices.
  • Competitive Advantage: Advertiser Locator Service: We place client’s media in front of potential strategic partners and advertisers. Then encourage brand managers to consider the media for sponsorship. (Note: Simplestream™ does not guarantee sponsorship or ad placement.)


  • Innovation: We add value by offering proprietary software that outperforms the competitions. We partner with creative software and computer hardware companies, to save your IT managers the time and headache of managing software development, IT systems and IT professionals.
  • Value: We add value by helping your business save money with our Affordable Bundled Solutions. We help increase revenue opportunities with our branded media player, built-in pre-roll ads, in-media ads, and stream-over ads and our Advertiser Locator service.
  • Media Distribution & Mobility: We add value and offer technology for your business to stream live or on-demand HD quality media – with no buffering – over a global content delivery network to computers, smart phones and tablet devices worldwide. Mobile Cloud: We provide technology for your business to stream on-demand media on about 95% of the world’s smart phones & tablet devices.

Learn how Simplestream’s technology can help your business to generate more revenue. Visit FREE SIGN UP, Who Benefits? and Services or Platforms for details.


  • Simplestream™ outsources its global CDN infrastructure.
  • Simplestream™ partners with a North American marketing & promotion company and software development companies that apply European quality standards.
  • Simplestream™ affiliate company offers Domains, Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, Servers (DED, VPS), SSL Certificates and Site Verification + more.
  • Simplestream™ independent marketing associates are located in: North America: Ohio, New York. International: Scandinavian countries, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Indonesia, India.
  • This site processes sales for and Note: All payments on this site is processed by secured PayPal checkout.


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