#cloud #streaming #mobile #business #saas #iaas According to Steve Hamm 2011, “A BIG STEP AT AVON
Avon is embarking on a massive, multiyear overhaul of the way it manages its nearly 6 million sales representatives around the world. In the past, “sales leaders,” who help manage reps but are not employees of the company, mainly checked in with the salespeople through face-to-face meetings and phone conversations. But next month, Avon will begin to equip 150,000 sales leaders with a cloud-based computing system accessible via smartphones and PCs. The technology will keep them much more up-to-date on the sales of each rep, and it will alert them when reps haven’t placed orders recently or when they have payments overdue to the company. The idea is to increase the sales and efficiency of Avon’s distribution system.” Read more > http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_24/b4135042942270.htm?chan=magazine+channel_special+report