#Monetizemedia Cisco: Cloud Traffic To Quadruple By 2017 | CIOToday.com

#cloud #ondemand #streaming #mobile #saas #paas #iaas Read More > http://www.cio-today.com/news/Cisco–Cloud-Traffic-Soaring/story.xhtml?story_id=01200075UEY0 According to Jennifer LeClaire 2103, “The data on cloud computing from Cisco shows that virtualization technology has reached a tipping point, and IT has confidence to run mission critical workloads on virtual servers. We are finally at a point where it shouldn’t surprise you to see any company run almost all their workloads in a virtual environment, said analyst Zeus Kerravala.” “Once again, Cisco Relevant Products/Services is pushing out…

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Public Wi-Fi Hotspots To Grow 4-Fold by 2015: Study | Reuters

#iaas #saas #tech #cloud @_MediaDesign @Simplestream According to Tamro Virki 2011, “The amount of public Internet hotspots (Wi-Fi) globally will grow more than fourfold to 5.8 million by 2015, boosted by consumers increasing demand for connections on smartphones and tablets, an industry study showed on Wednesday. Telecom operators see Internet hotspots crucial for offloading wireless data traffic, which is expected to grow 26-fold in the next five years, according to Cisco, as usage of video on mobile devices surges.” Read…

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Report: Simplestream optimizes server performance

Columbus, Ohio – Simplestream.us Media made easy! an IaaS cloud optimizes its sever performance. “The current playback through Web browsers is exceptional”, says Simplestream Co-founder and COO Jerry Calliste Jr. Calliste Jr. adds, “The progress bar beats the playback mode by far with no buffering.” Visit http://simplestream.us/site/platform/demo/ and scroll down to the demo trailers of Toy Story 3 and Avatar compliments of Walt Disney and 20th Cenutry Fox respectively. (It’s duly noted Neither Walt Disney or 20th Century Fox partner,…

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