Simplestream Inc. CEO Mentions New Streaming Platform and Corporate Site Update

New York, N.Y. – Live streaming and cybersecurity is top priority in today’s Internet. CTO’s and video content creators are looking for ways to earn more revenues with their video media. Consumers expect streaming media on more secure platforms pushed to mobile. Simplestream Inc. provides those solutions. Simplestream Inc. (site) headquartered in New York City is a video streaming and website hosted services provider. Originally founded and launched in Columbus, Ohio, Simplestream™ quickly became a competitive North American territories based…

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#Monetizemedia #Tech MediaDesign Pro v4.0 Under Development New Release Expected Early 2016

#monetizemedia #tech #it #paas #saas #streaming #digitalmedia #digitalmediamanagement New York, N.Y. – Simplestream Technologies (@Simplestream) MediaDesign Pro v4.0 a proprietary digital media management system is under development and the new release expected by Q1 2016. MediaDesign Pro the cloud based PaaS/ SaaS software offers digital media managers, marketing managers and digital media & video entrepreneurs an opportunity to upload, tag, manage, create playlists and media channels, add sponsor advertising to playlists (pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll ads), use open source…

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Revised: Offers New Mobile Cloud Streaming Media Service – (Press)

Columbus, Ohio – Media Made Easy! ( introduces a new mobile cloud streaming media service MediaDesign Mobile. MediaDesign Mobile allows clients to stream and potentially monetize high definition (HD) quality media over 4G smart phones with consistently no buffering to mobile users around the globe. The Simplestream mobile cloud is compatible with Android OS, Windows Mobile OS, Apple 4+ and 5 iOS, Blackberry 6 and 7 OS, webOS, and many other mobile operating systems. Demo the front-end HD playback…

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Report: Simplestream optimizes server performance

Columbus, Ohio – Media made easy! an IaaS cloud optimizes its sever performance. “The current playback through Web browsers is exceptional”, says Simplestream Co-founder and COO Jerry Calliste Jr. Calliste Jr. adds, “The progress bar beats the playback mode by far with no buffering.” Visit and scroll down to the demo trailers of Toy Story 3 and Avatar compliments of Walt Disney and 20th Cenutry Fox respectively. (It’s duly noted Neither Walt Disney or 20th Century Fox partner,…

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