#Monetizemedia #Tech MediaDesign Pro v4.0 Under Development New Release Expected Early 2016

#monetizemedia #tech #it #paas #saas #streaming #digitalmedia #digitalmediamanagement New York, N.Y. – Simplestream Technologies (@Simplestream) MediaDesign Pro v4.0 a proprietary digital media management system is under development and the new release expected by Q1 2016. MediaDesign Pro the cloud based PaaS/ SaaS software offers digital media managers, marketing managers and digital media & video entrepreneurs an opportunity to upload, tag, manage, create playlists and media channels, add sponsor advertising to playlists (pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll ads), use open source…

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.@yoast @jdevalk…WordPress on 72.4 Million Websites | Infographic | Yoast.com

#wordpress #wp #statistics #hosting #yoast #jdevalk #joostdevalk #infographics Joost de Valk shows us an amazing info-graphic about global WordPress usage and more. According to Yoast founder Joost de Valk 2012, “As of March 2012 WordPress is on over 72,400,000 websites around the globe making WordPress the most widely used and popular CMS in existence.” View the entire info-graphic here Visit > WordPress Stats Infographic 2012 | Yoast.com  

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#Monetizemedia How Online Media Makes Money For Colleges and Universities

#cloud #ondemand #streaming #mobile #paas #saas How Online Media Makes Money For Colleges and Universities READ MORE> http://www.streamingmedia.com/Articles/Editorial/Featured-Articles/How-Online-Video-Makes-Money-for-Colleges-and-Universities-92755.aspx According to Troy Drier 2013, “Besides being a useful teaching tool, online video is a money-maker at educational institutions. Learn how to get the most out if it.” Video has many uses on campus both inside and outside of the classroom. As the audience learned at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, several of those uses can generate…

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