Simplestream Inc. CEO Mentions New Streaming Platform and Corporate Site Update

New York, N.Y. – Live streaming and cybersecurity is top priority in today’s Internet. CTO’s and video content creators are looking for ways to earn more revenues with their video media. Consumers expect streaming media on more secure platforms pushed to mobile. Simplestream Inc. provides those solutions. Simplestream Inc. (site) headquartered in New York City is a video streaming and website hosted services provider. Originally founded and launched in Columbus, Ohio, Simplestream™ quickly became a competitive North American territories based…

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#Monetizemedia Cisco: Cloud Traffic To Quadruple By 2017 | CIOToday.com

#cloud #ondemand #streaming #mobile #saas #paas #iaas Read More > http://www.cio-today.com/news/Cisco–Cloud-Traffic-Soaring/story.xhtml?story_id=01200075UEY0 According to Jennifer LeClaire 2103, “The data on cloud computing from Cisco shows that virtualization technology has reached a tipping point, and IT has confidence to run mission critical workloads on virtual servers. We are finally at a point where it shouldn’t surprise you to see any company run almost all their workloads in a virtual environment, said analyst Zeus Kerravala.” “Once again, Cisco Relevant Products/Services is pushing out…

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The Truth About On-Demand CRM | CIO.com

#tech #crm #saas #cio The Truth About On-Demand CRM | CIO.com According to Stephanie Overby 2012, “Hosted, on-demand CRM is sometimes cheaper and easier to roll out than the software that lives on your own machines. But if you think on-demand means that all you have to do is flip a switch, youre dead wrong.” “When Alex Marxer began looking at customer relationship management software, on-demand CRM wasn’t even on his radar screen. As vice president of financial services for…

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