New York, N.Y. – Live streaming and cybersecurity is top priority in today’s Internet. CTO’s and video content creators are looking for ways to earn more revenues with their video media. Consumers expect streaming media on more secure platforms pushed to mobile. Simplestream Inc. provides those solutions.

Simplestream Inc. (site) headquartered in New York City is a video streaming and website hosted services provider.

Originally founded and launched in Columbus, Ohio, Simplestream™ quickly became a competitive North American territories based video streaming company, in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

In addition to video streaming solutions, since 2014 Simplestream™ has expanded it’s line of services and now offers domain sales, managed and secured cloud hosted platforms and website cybersecurity SSL certificates, malware removal and DDoS prevention tools with 24/7 sales and support through it’s service Simplestream Technologies.

Simplestream’s continued North American success and expansion is expected through 2020 with new media production ventures and new partnerships in development.

The company recently updated the Simplestream™ corporate website Please visit, share and send feedback.

Simplestream Inc. Stream, secure and monetize the media you love™!

Video streaming through (site) a service by Simplestream Inc. (site) offers video content providers an opportunity to monetize their video media more than on existing streaming services. (site) clients can create live media channels with payment gateways (PPV) and earn revenues for their video media distribution. In addition clients continue to earn revenues from advertisements placed by potential sponsors through distribution of their video on-demand (VoD) media channels.

In 2009 Simplestream™ entered into a joint venture deal with a Scandinavian software company. The joint venture deal provided (site), MediaDesign the company’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-Service (PaaS) proprietary Digital Media Management System (DMMS™). MediaDesign v.3.0 was originally offered publicly in three versions lite, mobile and pro.

Simplestream Inc. Stream, secure and monetize the media you love™!

Screenshot of MediaDesign v.3.0 featuring HD music video. Copyright @2010-2017 All Rights Reserved.

“Our SaaS and PaaS MediaDesign offers a very different way for clients to monetize their video media than presently offered on existing video streaming services.” says Simplestream Inc. founder and CEO Mr. Jerry Calliste Jr.

The limited to no buffering streaming success of MediaDesign v.3.0, in previous years over various mobile devices. Prompted the company to further improve the platforms integration.

“At the time Simplestream™ utilized MaxCDN a Equinix company to deliver the MediaDesign platform over a global CDN. The combination of MediaDesign platform and global CDN, offered consistent 3 second to no buffering streaming over various mobile devices. Spectacular performance.” said Simplestream Inc. founder and CEO Mr. Jerry Calliste Jr.

In 2017 Simplestream™ plans to launch MediaDesign Pro v.4.0 beta (combined lite and mobile versions). The v.4.0 enhanced MediaDesign platform is currently still under development. Register on (site) to be one of many to beta test the new amazing video streaming platform.

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